January/February/March 2016

By Karina | 29 March 2016

Here at Abbeyfield we have raced into 2016, From a Burns supper in January to a red themed Valentines lunch and dance, our resident have been busy celebrating the months events, with a few pamper days in between to refresh to start again with an easter party. 

With the turn of the new season approaching a few changes have occured at Abbeeyfield. to begin with we have 2 new cute furry additions ...

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November and December 2015

By Karina | 13 January 2016

Over the months of November and December. the house has been preparing and celebrating CHRISTMNAS, and have pampered their way into the new year. 

We have had so many themed activites every weekend for the residents to enjoy and have even had our very own christmas cake bake off which was a great fun. The cakes that were made were used for the in-house resident family party, where the residents...

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October 2015

By Karina | 30 October 2015

A month of fun and celebrations. The people here at Abbeyfield have had quite a busy October, some staff getting married and some having babies, a massive congratulations to all from everyone at Abbeyfield.

The residents have also been in a party mood with firstly being involved in the 'wear it pink day' held in aid to raise funds for cancer awareness. We did really well raising a total over £3...

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August 2015

By Karina | 01 September 2015

August has been all about the our local towns Marymass Festival. Everyone was kept busy with all of our festival garden party preparations, wrapping the teddies for the win a teddy stall, blowing up balloons etc.

When the day arrived it was a great success, lots of family and friends came to enjoy the day with the residents, watching the parade go by, enjoying our tasty free burgers and hotdogs...

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July 2015

By | 24 August 2015

July the month of summer and what a month we have had and it has been jammed packed with some residents enjoying many trips out to the Ayr flower show, to the Opera and out and about in town for lunches and shopping. Not even the weather could dampen our summer spirit as there was plenty of in-house fun activity to keep the holiday spirit with a Scotland day and alot of Marymass preparations.

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May 2015

By Karina | 15 July 2015

A month of new beginings in Abbeyfield, residents planted their own sunflower seeds and are responsible for caring for them to help them grow.

We also have introduced another new project called 'Wish upon a dream' ran by a fellow collegue, who investigates the wishes of the residents; whether it be to visit someplace, go see a show etc and aims to fulfil it. So far it has been a great success w...

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June 2015

By karina | 15 July 2015

Singing start to this month in the house with a lovely visit from the Burnside nursery children celebrating their graduation with us, performing their graduation songs. It was beautiful thank you very much it was enjoyed by all and good luck for your next school adventure. 

In the spirit of summer we arranged an ice cream van to visit Abbeyfield offering residents the chance to purchase some de...

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April 2015

By Karina | 12 May 2015

(Please check out our careers and services section on the website and have a read at an interview recently had with Hazel Smith, one of our consistent volunteers, talking all about volunteering.)

This month has been all about trying new things with all of our new activity groups running smootly and being enjoyed by all residents. We have alot of staff training going on also at the moment, impro...

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March 2015

By Karina | 06 April 2015

This month we at Abbeyfield would like to begin by thanking everyone who took part in our Easter Raffle, thanks to you we have raised more than enough to purchase a new large lava lamp for our in-house sensory room.  The raffle has been drawn and won by one of our residents family/visitor, who was highly delighted with winning such a prize. 

To celebrate easter we have decorated the house with ...

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February 2015

By Karina Howie | 09 March 2015

 Abbeyfield has had a month of love and new beginnings with the residents enjoying a valentines tea dance and awaiting in eager anticipation of our new (still in development) resident sensory room, located withing the house. To help raise funds for the sensory room, so we can purchase some lava lamps etc, we are holding an easter raffle, the prize a large hamper basket filled with teddies and l...

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January 2015

By karina | 02 February 2015

The first blog of the new year and we at Abbeyfield have entered the year with a relaxed but ever enthusiastic approach as the last year.

Residents and staff have been looking after themselves after the party season by participating in some pamper evenings, with face masks etc, in preparation for the continuation of celebrations here t Abbeyfield after Christmas.

The first being a Burns Supper,...

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November 2014...

By Karina | 30 December 2014

November has been the month of preparation for all at Abbeyfield, for the month of Christmas festivities up ahead. We had had a few residential visits to Dalry Christmas shop and factory shop purchasing family and friends gifts and other bits and bobs and many residents also participated in lots of Christmas crafts and/or activities, for the up coming parties in December.

Inbetween all the hard...

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December 2014...

By Karina | 30 December 2014

Residents started this month with a lovely visit from the Burnside Nursery children to perform their nativity play. Well done and thank you. You all done a fantastic job and the show was throughly enjoyed by all.

The residential outing this month was a group Christmas lunch to a local resturant, The Pepermill. All residents had a great time and enjoyed the meal provided. Thank you to all at The...

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August 2014...

By Karina | 27 October 2014

This month was full of preparation for the Marymass festivities as we got a visit from the Marymass queen and her marys who spend some time with the residents, telling all about what events were to come before the big day of coronation.

On Marymass day all residents and staff watched the parade from the front of the house and took part in many of our stalls: bottle, wheel of fortune, Abbeyfield...

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September 2014...

By Karina | 27 October 2014

The residents got to an afternoon of singing and dancing with a gentleman called James, who along with 2 other singers, came to visit Abbeyfield with his keyboard to entertain for free and as the residents throughly enjoyed the day James and his keyboard are going to come back to Abbeyfield on a more regular basis.

We have establised a new group for our residents to brighten up some a week day ...

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October 2014...

By Karina | 27 October 2014

Is the month to celebrate Diwali! - the residents experienced a mini festical of lights with indoor fireworks, tradiional Indian music and a buffet tea.

James and his keyboard came back again for an afternoon of dancing and singing. Again it was throughly enjoyed by all.

Burnside nursery children came to Abbeyfield for a harvest visit bringing the residents some goodies and pleasuring all with ...

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